Host Presentations and Virtual Tour - RATP, Public Transportation Operator, Paris, France

On day two, we will be visiting with RATP, one of the biggest multimodal transportation operators (65,000 employees in 13 countries, 16 million trips per day). RATP is planning the transition of its 4,800 bus fleet in the Parisian metropolitan area to 100% ecologically-friendly transit by 2025, with a conversion of half of its depots (13 out of 25) for electric buses and half for biogas. Two depots currently have been transformed to serve an all-electric bus fleet, with a total of 200 electric buses in service, exclusively using overnight depot charging, while two depots have been upgraded to a biogas bus fleet, with more than 250 biogas buses.

1100 hybrid buses will be in operation for years to come and most of them would still stay in the fleet after 2025. In preparation for the 2025 transition, RATP conducted a comprehensive program of piloting electric buses in real life operating conditions, experimenting with new technologies, the latest generation of batteries and the interoperability between charging station suppliers and buses manufacturers.