Host Presentations - Transport for London, London, UK

On the final day of the study mission, we will be spending time with Transport for London (TfL). TfL currently has over 450 electric buses in operation, one of the largest electric vehicle fleets in Europe, with a total fleet size in excess of 9,000. The current target is for the entire fleet to be zero emission by 2037, through a combination of electric and hydrogen powered vehicles. However TfL are exploring initiatives to bring this date forward to 2030 to help deliver greater air quality benefits for London.

Some of these initiatives include supporting their bus operators to upgrade their garage charging infrastructure to accelerate the rate at which electric buses can be brought into the fleet. TfL are also investigating the role of opportunity charging for longer bus routes, where conventional big battery electric buses are unable to fulfil the distance with overnight charging alone. TfL are also taking part in the EU JIVE project to trial 20 Hydrogen powered double deck vehicles in London to identify their strengths and limitations, and what role hydrogen can play in delivering a zero-emission fleet in London.