Host Presentations and Virtual Tour - VDV, the German Public Transporation Association and KVB, Public Transport Operator for Cologne, Germany

We move on to a visit with KVB, the light rail and bus operator in Cologne, Germany. They have been operating 8 electric buses since 2016 and aim to expand their fleet to serve 6 more routes this year and an additional 7 routes by 2022 for a total of 114 electric buses. KVB has built up significant experience with operating in highly congested roads, heavy rain and summer and winter temperatures; viable options for charging infrastructure; depot configurations; and creating redundancy of the energy supply.

KVB will provide a virtual tour of its North Depot where both electric and diesel buses are serviced, will discuss construction of a new electric-only depot, and review its consideration of hydrogen fuel cell buses. The VDV will provide an introduction to the principles and goals of the German government’s climate policy in connection with the development of mobility in Germany and public transport in particular.