Victor Ganivet

Director for the Bus Center of Montrouge, Surface Transportation Department

Victor Ganivet is the Director of Corentin and Massy bus depots at RATP Paris : 2 bus depots servicing downtown Paris and suburban areas (1100 drivers, 400 buses, 60 million trips/year). Since 2010, he has been operations manager in several bus depots at RATP Paris, in charge of maintenance, business development and Quality Health Safety and Environment. He also designed and operated some of the most complex road mobility programs for big events such as the Paris Climate Summit in 2015, the Euro Cup in 2016 or the Paris Air Show. Involved in the RATP bus fleet renewal toward zero emission, he has experienced the ecological transition of buses and coaches, both to battery-electric and biogas technologies. He has been for the past 10 years the RATP representative at the International Bus Benchmarking Group (a group of 15 major bus networks around the world, administered and facilitated by the Transport Strategy Centre (TSC) at Imperial College London) giving him a perspective and insights of the public transportation cultures and challenges, mostly in Europe, North-America and Asia.

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