Geoffrey Hobin

Director of Grants & Capital Programs
Transit Authority of River City (TARC)
United States

For the past seventeen years Geoff has managed TARC's Federal and State grants, successfully competed for almost $100 million in discretionary awards, and overseen TARC's Capital Improvement Program.  While serving in that capacity Geoff has looked for opportunities to make TARC and the community it serves more economically and environmentally sustainable.  He has managed the construction of a LEED Gold certified maintenance facility, the acquisition of fast-charge battery-electric buses, and a program of six energy efficiency projects that together have significantly reduced energy consumption in the 129 year-old train station that serves as TARC’s headquarters.    Currently Geoff is working on strategies to transition TARC’s fleet to electric drive, to move TARC toward becoming a more data driven organization, and to modernize TARC’s ITS systems.

While working to reduce TARC’s fleet emissions, he reduces his own by commuting on his bicycle to work.

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