Djothi Ficot

Head of the Center for Electric Energy, Bus 2025 Program, Surface Transportation Department

Djothi Ficit is a project director with expertise in battery electric buses and energy services. She joined RATP Group in 2017 where she served as project manager for bus2025 before joining SYSTRA US as Director of Electromobility and Transit Technology, based in Washington DC, in 2020. Now back at bus2025, she is in charge of converting 12 bus depots to battery electric buses. Her experience includes design and commissioning of the first 2 bus depots to be converted to electric buses in Paris. She also has a comprehensive electricity production background with 4 years spent with a renewable power producer (biomass) in isolated electrical grids and 4 years spent as an Energy and Utilities consultant working for main Energy Players in Paris. Djothi is a French CentraleSupelec engineer and also holds a degree of Environmental Systems Engineering from UCL (London).

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